La Huppe 2021 Le Chat Huant


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Loire France

Grape variety: Grenache

The name of the cuvee is Japanese and named after the name of a bird called Hoopoe. In 2021, the Loire, which had a sharp decrease in yield due to hail, was fermented in a glass fiber tank after maceration carbonic, and then aged in old barrels. A clear pale garnet color, raspberries, violets, and nutmeg scents, with a lovely and beautiful balance, elegant tannins and the acidity of freshly picked berries. (From importer materials)

Loire's new winery Jeremie Choquet, born in 2018, is a young producer who produces very beautiful wine, but is a leading producer of Loire. The wife (actually a couple not registered) Blandine Floch launched a new winery. Jeremie and Blandine met in 2015 while working for Thierry Puzelat and Les Vins Contes. In 2018, we started making wine together and had a child. Unfortunately, the two have gone their separate ways. In 2020, two companies built in the same brewery due to rights. So her right wine is DomaineduChatHuant and has a different label than Jeremie. Then in 2021 she finally found a brewery and officially separated. At the same time she changes company from Domaine to Negociant and becomes LeChatHuant.

Blandine was born on September 17, 1986 in Loire. I graduated from BacProViti-Oeno's winemaking school in Amboise and studied winemaking firmly. I studied winemaking at LesVinsContes in 2011 and 2012, then learned modern brewing properly and chose VinNature. A hardcore brewer, I will enter the best 3 French female brewers that I choose. In July 2021, we finally finished the brewery contract before the harvest started, just in time for that year's brewing. She also admires Olivier Lemasson. When I talk about various things with her, it always comes down to Olivier. Because the origin of her wine making is Les Vins Contes. In May 2021, a week before Olivier died, there was actually a wine salon in France, and Blandine was at the same booth as Olivier. At that time Olivier asked her a strange question. "Why are you making wine?" A winemaker doesn't usually ask a winemaker a question like this. I've been interviewed a lot, and this question is always asked by journalists, but it's a nonsense question for those of us who build it, and it's one of the questions I personally dislike. Blandine thought it was strange at the time, but she didn't mind, but the incident a week later shocked her.

2021 VTG, the Loire, especially Cheverny north of our Touraine, was devastated. Olivier, Blandine and other producers have lost 90% of their grapes. So everyone in the Loire will buy BIO grapes from friends in the south of France and make it this year. We all go to the south of France, harvest, rent trucks to bring the grapes to the Loire, and then vinify. We all help each other in this year. Blandine's first year on her own has been such a tough year. But start your business in a recession! People who become independent in such a year are strong. I fully support her. I am a big fan of her wine. She has a better sense of wine making. I am a winemaker and a connoisseur at the same time. Tasting wine objectively. It's frustrating, but I can't match her winemaking sense. I was shocked to taste the wine she made with Jeremy in 2018. From the beginning, it's amazing to make such a wine in such a tattered brewery. I have two children and they are still small, so it is very difficult. But she is powerful, and her children continue to make wine while wearing two pairs of straw sandals. I will continue to watch how her wine develops. I was the first to visit the new brewery. Import companies from more and more countries will be visiting us from now on. You can imagine her face in amazement when she tastes 100% pure wine.

(September 28, 2021 1st visit Junko Arai) *Quoted from importer materials