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South Africa Swartland

Grape variety: Chenin Blanc

Uses 38-year-old Chenin Blanc from a single field (Masago soil, clay) on Mount Padeberg. dry farming. Bush Vine. Harvested by hand, sorted, crushed and whole bunch fermented for 9 weeks (skinferment). Slowly pressed in a basket press, transferred to a 1600 liter concrete egg tank and aged surreal for 5 months. Bottled in early January 2022, unfiltered and without added antioxidants.

Many people know about it because it was imported from the first vintage in 2014 , and although Johan's oranges are basically prepared in the same way as Brutal's oranges, the difference is the skinferment period. Brutal lasts 2 weeks, but this liquid skin lasts longer at 9 weeks and is full of orange. After 9 weeks, the extract is strong, but the flavor reminiscent of Japanese Iyokan, Johann's unique umami, is difficult. I think it's more interesting to try it side by side with Brutal's orange .

Johan Meyer

Because of his petite and friendly personality, he is a beloved character who is nicknamed Stompy by everyone. A wonderful producer who creates a fascinating and delicate wine that is unimaginable from its appearance. Diploma in oenology and agronomy from Elsenberg College. After that, he studied the basics of winemaking, especially Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, in California's Napa Valley, Central Coast, and New Zealand. In 2008, he returned to South Africa and won numerous awards as head winemaker and viticulturalist at a small winery in Thalbach. From 2010 to the present, Winemaker and own brand of wine at Mount Abora, Swartland. From now on, I would like to show the world that South Africa takes wine making seriously by expressing the South African terroir and producing top quality wines.