Oliver 2021 Kristinus


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Hungarian Balaton

Grape variety: Ilshai Oliver 95% Zenit 5%

Uses organically farmed grapes (sand soil containing loess) from the village of Kerestur in the Balatonboglar district. Harvested by hand, sorted, destemmed and crushed (some whole bunches), skin fermented for 10 days. After that, it is carefully pressed, transferred to stainless steel tanks and aged for 8 months in Surrey. Bottled unfiltered.

The Christinus Estate began when the current owner, Christinus, established a commercial winery in 2013 in Balaton, a wine-growing region. In 2016, the current brewer, Florian Zalba, joined Christinus, dramatically changing from a commercial winery to a full-fledged winery that pursues the essence. In 2018, it began to shift to Demeter, and in September 2022, it finally acquired biodynamic certification. Currently running several agroforestry and permaculture projects to fight climate change with all the tools and techniques we have. Though dismantled in 2015, the Florian Zalba of today is reminiscent of Craig Hawkins' arrival in Ramshook, South Africa, and changed it dramatically. In the future, I would like to keep an eye on the trends of Florian Zalba in this large-scale winery called Christinus. Although the winery is currently unknown to the world (well-known locally), it is extremely cost-effective, and it will not be long before the day when it attracts the attention of the world is coming, and it is only a matter of time.