Oxydatif Stephane2018 Les Vins Pirouettes ≪500ml≫


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France Alsace

Grape varieties: Silvaner, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Gewurztraminer

A wine that is matured while adding flor without supplemental liquor in solera aging, which was made experimentally in only one barrel. Uses only grapes from old compartments where the grapes themselves have strength. After the wine is transferred to old barrels, it gets its unique taste by coexisting with oxygen without the use of antioxidants. Umami Bomb! Volatile Bomb!

Christian of "Domaine Binaire" started Negos not only brewing in his own field. Using the grapes from the fields of the four friends, we brew a fun Alsace wine that allows you to enjoy the fruit more honestly.

Uses only grapes from fellow winemakers

Speaking of Alsace's Van Nature, the name "Domaine Binner" always comes up. The domaine, which has been working on pesticide-free cultivation for a long time, has been attracting more attention since the current head of the family, "Christian". “Les Vinaires” is a negociant that “Christian” started in 2010. The grapes used are the grapes of four friends who are working on natural wine making. “Christian” is in charge of brewing while also involved in cultivation.

“It is made with the same philosophy as Domaine Viner, but the soil is different and the condition of the trees is different, so it has a different personality. The fields of the domaine have soil that is compatible with Riesling, but many of the fields of my friends can express fruits such as Muscat and Pinot Gris.”

Riesling Optimal Build Stocklet

Many of the fields used for "Les Vinaires" are located south of "Colmar". In Alsace, where diverse soils are intricately combined like a mosaic, this friend's field is weathered lime soil containing a lot of marl. This area was created by the collapse of a huge mountain range that existed from the Baden region of Germany to the Vosges called the Black Forest. Protected by a mountain range, the vineyards have the lowest rainfall in Alsace.

“It goes well with Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris. The wine is meaty and can be enjoyed young. The incense also opens from the beginning. Of course, like the Domaine, all fields are biodynamically introduced.

In addition, we also own the “Build Stockle” field, which is the ideal land for Riesling and is the dream of many producers.

“Buildstock is great. It is poor with good lime soil containing pebbles and mud. Perfect conditions for Riesling. The tree is 40 years old』

It is located near the level below the Grand Cru "Obermorschwihr". Although it is not classified as a Grand Cru, it has more potential than a Grand Cru due to its soil, south-facing slopes, and good ventilation.

Cultivate the power of the vine

“Wine is made in the vineyard, not in the winery. The vitality of grapes makes wine. Start with the fields.』

My friend's field has more young trees than the "Christian" field. The vines don't have that much vitality yet, so no truly great wines are born.

“Young grapes can express the fruit, but they cannot express the soil. Sometimes you can do it only when you get older. At the same time, there is also the joy of being young.”

“Crémant Zero Dosage” is very popular among fellow brewers. Fermented with only wild yeasts, no dosage, no added SO2. Only 2,800 bottles.

“Even during the second fermentation in the bottle, no sugar or yeast is added. Just add the grape juice of the year. Foam made without adding anything other than grapes. I wanted to try making one.』