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new zealand wairarapa

Grape varieties: Pinot Gris , Riesling , Chardonnay

" Paper Road CPR / Paper Road CPR 2022 " is a white wine that will be introduced in Japan for the first time this time . buy grapes).

Fruits with tropical and floral aromas such as limes, peaches, and pears. The characteristics of the three popular varieties are perfectly combined.

A dry white wine made from a blend of three varieties of grapes purchased from nearby vineyards with an average age of 20 years or younger. Harvested in three batches, the grapes are pressed into stainless steel tanks after a very short skin contact. Low-temperature fermentation with multiple types of cultured yeast, aging for less than half a year. Blended and bottled.

Fruits with tropical and floral aromas such as limes, peaches, and pears. A white wine that perfectly combines the characteristics of three popular grape varieties.

[ Paddy Borthwick / Paddy Borthwick]

Paddy Borthwick, a conventional style that has been well received for its outstanding stability among our wines.

The winery is located in Wairarapa, NZ North Island. As the name suggests, the brewer is a veteran with over 40 vintage experiences (including overseas experience) at Paddy Borthwick.

However, we have adopted an approach that minimizes the use of additives as much as possible, use multiple types of cultured yeast considering the characteristics of the variety (some are naturally fermented with wild yeast), and further refine the terroir by finely brewing for each section, variety, and clone. He is also a wine maker full of challenges such as pursuit, and the wine he makes is very high quality and has a high reputation worldwide (more than 90% of the production is exported).

A family-run winery established in 1996 in Wairarapa, North Island, New Zealand by the current owner and winemaker Mr. Paddy (12,000 boxes per year). The Borthwick family has been closely involved with "food" for five generations (they were pioneers in the frozen meat business in England in the 19th century), and moved to NZ in the generation of Mr. Paddy's grandfather. Since then, he has been running an Angus cattle and sheep farm in the Wairarapa area, but Mr. Paddy quickly realized the potential of Wairarapa as a "wine production area" that had not received much attention at the time, and made up his mind. After cultivating and brewing at Roseworthy University in Australia and gaining experience as a brewer on three continents and a total of five countries, he returned to Wairarapa to cultivate vineyards and finally established Paddy Borthwick. Since then, it has continued to produce high-quality wines to the world and has gained a worldwide reputation (90% of production is exported).
The wine is produced in the 27ha company vineyard that he cultivated himself (practicing sustainable farming methods, PaperRoad includes purchased grapes from nearby vineyards) and the brewery adjacent to the vineyard, especially for Pinot Noir. There is an extraordinary passion and 8 types of clones are planted in a 10ha field. The fields are adjacent to the river and have well-drained sedimentary soil containing a lot of stones, and the microclimate is blessed with a large temperature difference between day and night and little rainfall. The wine made by Mr. Padi, who has already been a brewer and boasts over 40 vintage experiences, is a high-quality conventional style with a familiar fruit flavor and depth. However, we have adopted an approach that minimizes the use of additives as much as possible considering the quality of grapes, the use of multiple types of cultured yeast that considers the characteristics of the variety (some are naturally fermented by wild yeast), and the division, variety, It is a winemaker full of challenge, such as pursuing terroir by fine brewing for each clone.