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Grape variety: Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc from King Valley Acacia Vineyard. 25% of the whole is crushed as whole bunches, skin contact for 16 hours, pressed and aged in oak barrels. The rest is destemmed, pressed and aged in stainless steel. All naturally fermented with wild yeast. Lightly filtered and bottled with a small amount of antioxidants. A gorgeous aroma with a cooling sensation in fruit flavors such as ripe pears and apples.

White made from grapes from the same field as petnut. Cool yet perfectly ripe pear and apple fruit, with just the right amount of acidity and understated oak.
It's a well-balanced and very easy-to-use white, and we have a lot in stock, so it's recommended as a glass wine.


is a small-scale production (3500 boxes per year) Micro Negociant that started in Beechworth, Victoria in 2017. The young brewer BenSchulz-Dahlenburg, born in 1989, launched the company. A man who grew up close to the vineyards with his parents who were brewers from an early age, and is currently the second generation of the famous winery Eldorado Road in Beechworth while releasing wine under his own label. is. "Because I was the son of a brewer's couple, I was always forced to help out in the vineyards on weekends. At the time, I didn't like it, and I wanted to go to the city as soon as possible." Ben says he didn't mean to. At university, I majored in environmental science and was looking for a job in that field, but in 2009, when my parents started a winery independently, I participated from the beginning. Furthermore, in 2012, he experienced the harvest in Napa and interacted with local winemakers, which made him reaffirm his passion for winemaking. After experiencing the vintage in South Africa, he returned to Australia the following year and entered Charles Start University to learn cultivation and brewing while gaining experience in multiple wineries and obtaining a master's degree. In 2017, he officially joined Eldorado Road and established Nomad's Garden as his own project.
From the beginning, Eldorado Road, where Ben is involved as the second generation, has been naturally fermented by wild yeast derived from the fields, and he has practiced a construction that does not require any unnecessary additions or interventions. He says that he felt a strong sense of incongruity with the industrial winemaking he experienced. “Conventional production makes it possible to produce wine of stable quality, but at the same time, the original character of the grapes has been taken away. That's why I decided to let all my wines be naturally fermented with wild yeasts and only sourced from a single vineyard." Made from single vineyards in the northeastern state wine regions (KingValley, AlpineValleys, Beechworth, etc.) with a minimal human intervention approach. In addition, it has succeeded in spotlighting grape varieties that have not received much attention in these regions such as Savagnin, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Meunier, and has become the most remarkable new generation in this area. is.