Pulltex AntiOx


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Body size: 38

Material: Silicon, antioxidant carbon

Durability: Silicon about 2 years, carbon filter about 5 years

Breakthrough anti-oxidation method

When wine is exposed to "oxygen" in the air for a long time, the fruitiness of the wine becomes dented and becomes a vinegar-like taste. One way to prevent wine from oxidizing is to use a wine pump to draw the oxygen out of the bottle and create a vacuum. It is a component (aroma substance), and when it comes into contact with oxygen, oxidation is promoted.

The wine pump cannot remove all the oxygen from the bottle, so the volatiles continue to encourage oxidation as well.

AntiOx has an anti-oxidation carbon filter set inside the stopper, and when it comes into contact with the oxygen in the bottle, it generates a small amount of inert gas, which accumulates on the surface of the wine and removes volatile components and oxygen. Avoid touching. By weakening the factors that promote oxidation, the oxidation process can be slowed down very slowly.