Roko Il Vagabondo 2022 Delinquente


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Australia South Australia

Grape variety: Montepulciano

Two batches of red wine from the same vineyard but harvested one week apart. Each is naturally fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks, and finally blended and bottled with a small amount of antioxidants. While maintaining the explosive fruitiness of the fruit as it is, this year adds the elegance of a cool year, and the color is a little lighter than last year. 2022 when drinkability has increased .


Founded in 2013 by owner wine maker Con-Greg Grigoriou , who calls himself “Delinquente = misfit / rogue”, Delinquente “Fun Face Wine” is highly popular in Japan. Born in Riverland, South Australia, which is recognized as a production area of ​​table wine in Australia. By creating high quality natural wines that everyone can enjoy from Southern Italian alternative breeds that match the climate of the land, he has successfully transformed his value, and now his wines have gained a solid reputation in Australia. In 2022 , there was hail damage in the late spring, so the production volume was lower than usual, but it was cool overall and the year was harvested after a slow growth period. Maintaining a high natural acidity and well balanced with concentrated fruit, the quality was particularly excellent.