Roncaie vino frizzante 2021 Menti


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Italy Veneto

Grape variety: Garganega

Soil: Alluvial soil Fermentation in stainless steel or concrete tanks followed by shade-dried grape juice for rechot. Bottled without filtration. When the weather warms up in the spring, a second fermentation takes place in the bottle and the wine is left to mature.

A cuvee with no added sulfites, a soft sparkling wine made only from grape juice, using grape juice that has been dried in the shade for secondary fermentation in the bottle. Since it is not disgorged, the sediment will settle, but when you drink it, it will be more “divertente”. Roncaie is the name of the land in Gambellara where the fields are located, and comes from the word "Ronchi" which means "forest". A long time ago, the land was actually a thicket, and the current field was created by reclaiming it, so it got its name.

Stefano Menti is considered to be the centerpiece of the Italian wine world. With the appearance of this maker, the person who even thinks that "Italian natural wine world has changed its face". The stone farmhouse built in the 1600s is still used for wine making. The building itself still feels like it's breathing. Hawks, eagles, pheasants, and rabbits appear every day in the surrounding mountains and fields. Since 2010, we have adopted biodynamics and manage our own vineyards of 6ha. It is Stefano's belief that all grapes are pressed in whole bunches, and he produces mainly 100% Garganega white wines, orange wines, and sparkling wines with no secondary fermentation or racking in the bottle. Refined natural wine full of individuality. With its enveloping texture, gentle and warm taste, and exceptionally clean finish, the wine sells out every year in Italy as soon as it is released.