Calaiancu 2022 Il Mortellito


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Italy Sicily

Grape variety: Flappert, Nero d'Avola

The purity of red fruits and the taste of the sea.

Light red color with a sense of transparency. Sweet and sour fruits like acerola and cherry. It's charming, but has just the right amount of bitterness and saltiness, making it easy to match with meals. It is recommended to drink it chilled.

80% Frappato, 20% Nero d'Avola. 40m above sea level, special soil with layers of black clay, sandy soil and white limestone. Frappato is harvested from late August to early September, Nero d'Avola from mid to late September. Separately naturally fermented and macerated. (Frappato within a week, Nero d'Avola 24 hours maceration), then blended and aged in steel tanks for 6 months. A small amount of SO2 is added just before bottling. Calaniuru means "black grape".