Rosso Racines 2018 Trinchero


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Italy Piedmont

Grape variety: Barbera

Barbera can be said to be synonymous with Trinkero. Made especially for Japan from young trees and grapes from relatively cool fields. Although it is an entry-level wine, Ezio's commitment to quality remains unchanged and is aged for 30 to 36 months.

30 days maceration in cement tanks Aged for 30-36 months in stainless steel tanks, cement tanks or wooden barrels.


Trincello, who makes great Barbera liquor that has been matured for generations in Asti, is also the owner of Ristorante da Guido, a representative of Piedmont. The winery is located in a small village called Vianoche in Ariano Terme, Asti province. This village belonged to aristocrats and still retains an old farmhouse and church built in the first half of the 19th century by Baron Ornavasso of the Visconti family. Owned by the brothers Secondo and Serafino Trincuero in the 1920s, it is now owned and operated by father and son Renato and Ezio. Trinquero has been producing grapes and wine since 1925 and is the earliest in the province to register (1952) for self-bottling by grape growers. We used to have more than 50ha of vineyards, but we thought that 11ha was the limit to realize the ideal wine making in family management, so we left the best plot and sold the others to a famous winery. . Although it has been cultivated using organic farming methods for many years, it has not been certified, saying, "I don't need to be certified now." The vineyards, including the "Vina del Noche" planted in 1925, called the "Jewel of Asti", are blessed with excellent soil and sunshine, and are very old.