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Grape variety: Pinot Noir

“SatoPinotNoirNorthCanterbury/Sato Pinot Noir North Canterbury 2020” is Pinot Noir that was released for the first time last year, and the field that served as the source is the company field of Black Estate, which was selected as the 2022 NZWinemaker of the Year by GourmetTravellerWine magazine (Biodynamic).
In 2019, it was the first time brewing, so the timing of the harvest was fumbling around.
Therefore, despite the cool 2020, the alcohol content is 13.4%, which is a wonderful result that Mr. Sato thinks is the perfect ripeness. It retains the charm of the cute red fruits that are characteristic of North Canterbury, and has a more mellow and rich liquor quality.
The only cuvée that was able to obtain a reasonable amount, unfortunately, it is not produced after 2021 because it has stopped purchasing grapes from Black Estate.
Therefore, please note that there is a high possibility that 2020 will be the last production.

20 years (probably) the last production in PN from the company's own field (biodynamic) of Meijo Black Estate. All grapes are destemmed, naturally fermented and macerated. After being pressed in a basket press and settled in stainless steel, it is aged for 21 months in old barrels (made in France). A total of 15ppm of sulfites is added before bottling. Unfiltered, no clarifiers used.

Sato Wines

Sato Wines is one of the world's leading Pinot Noir brewing regions and is located in Central Otago, New Zealand's South Island, which is also the southernmost wine-producing region in the world . A very small production boutique winery started by a couple in 2009 ( 1900 boxes as of 2019 , exported to 16 countries including Japan ). From 2019VT , we have our own brewery, and we are starting to release wine " La Ferme de Sato " from our own fields, so we are getting more and more attention both in Japan and overseas. increase.

Self-proclaimed "Vigneron" (Note: Winemakers who prioritize work in the field sometimes avoid the title of Winemaker), Mr. and Mrs. Sato, who have finally obtained high-quality grapes through their tireless efforts. Sato Wines wine is produced. They learned from the great makers of traditional wine countries and were greatly influenced by them. The cultivated grapes are carefully brewed without any additives (except for a small amount of antioxidants before bottling). The wines that are produced enjoy the benefits of Central Otago's cool climate and large temperature differences, while giving you a sense of richness and vitality that permeates your body. what a wonderful thing. At the bottom of it is, "I don't want to destroy the harmonious microbial environment that is handed down from the field to the bottle as much as possible. I want to make wine that correctly reflects the terroir and vintage." Good wine is literally alive. There is a firm conviction of Mr. and Mrs. Sato, who says, "I believe that there is."
“First and foremost, it is important to respect the land on which we make our wine. Therefore, we believe that grapes should be grown organically or biodynamically, and grapes should be grown without human intervention. We also believe in minimal and reincarnation into wine: a “pure, living wine” that reflects the terroir of this beautiful region of Central Otago, where grapes are harvested full of vitality and health. We can't help but be excited by the challenge of creating it."... These words by Mr. Yoshiaki exemplify the appeal of Sato Wines. You can definitely see it inside.