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australia adelaide hills

Grape variety: Pinot Noir

In the past, we used an experimental structure to encourage intracellular fermentation in a closed container, but for Brendan who is always learning and moving forward, the best solution at the moment is to open the tank without crushing the grapes. Put it in and let it ferment naturally from the juice that has been crushed by its own weight. It can be said that the overwhelming compositional power created by extracting the charm of the grape skins to the maximum but without unreasonableness, and by cultivating each clone for each section is exactly the quality that has evolved.

An advanced PN assigned to Japan for the first time in 5 vintages. Harvested grapes are charged for each clone and transferred to open tanks without crushing. Natural fermentation begins from the juice that has been crushed under its own weight, and after 2-3 weeks it is pressed into oak barrels (10% new barrels) and aged for 10 months for assemblage. Add a small amount of antioxidant. Unfiltered, no clarifiers used.

BKWines was founded in 2007 in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia by brewer BrendonKeys. Brendan was born in NZ. He started his career as a chef, but his passion soon turned to wine. After starting out as a winemaker in Gisborne, New Zealand, Brendan moved to California to hone his skills under Paul Hobbs, who was the head brewer at Opus One. After that, in 2004, he participated in the establishment of Viña Cobos in Argentina at the request of Paul. However, while respecting Paul, Brendan devoted himself to the natural yet modern style of wine from Jura, Alsace, and Burgundy, and finally in 2007, he opened a small winery in the Adelaide Hills forest to fulfill his dream. I was excited inside.
Brendan's style is natural but never nostalgic, even avant-garde. Assuming fermentation with wild yeasts and minimal use of sulfites (or no), he went out and selected skin contact, carbonic maceration, whole cell fermentation, and even production using film yeast. It is used in a variety of ways according to the condition of the grapes harvested from a single vineyard. But Bren in detail
With Dan's passion and utmost attention, the resulting wines are of extreme perfection and have acquired a stunning personality that combines a serious side with a friendly expression. By drinking his wine, we get a glimpse into the bottomless world of Brendan.