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Grape variety: Cabernet Franc

" Sous Bois / Sous Bois 2020 " is a red made from Cabernet Franc planted in a section ( 0.25ha ) with the best sunshine conditions in our own field.

2020 was a special year, as Mr. Sato said, "Excellent structure and wonderful work."

The only north-facing slope inevitably gets the most sunshine, making it the perfect plot for Cabernet Franc. I'm going to take

The wine name comes from that episode, but it is also interesting that the personality of the wine itself has the charm of a "forest".

As with Gamay, only a very limited quantity will be delivered to Japan.

Like Gamay, this product is hand-bottled at the Domaine and has a cork and wax closure.

20 years of "Excellent structure and excellent performance". The flan trees planted in Block 4, which faces northeast, create shade like a forest in the strong summer sun, giving Mr. and Mrs. Sato a soothing effect. All hand-picked grapes are de-stemmed and cold soaked for less than a week. Naturally fermented in small open tanks, basket pressed and blended in stainless steel, then aged in old barrels for 17 months (with MLF). A total of 15ppm of sulfites are added before bottling. Aged in bottle for 12 months or more. Unfiltered, no clarifiers used.

[ La Ferme de Sato (Sato Wines)]

Mr. and Mrs. Sato, who have studied with respected traditional natural wine producers who inspired them to aim to make natural wine mainly in France, and pursued "what is wine?" It can be said that it was

It was in 2015 that we finally found land with good conditions and started our own field project.

We found and purchased a suitable piece of land located on a steep slope with a reasonable size at an altitude of over 300m on average in the Central Otago Pisa area.

Biodynamic cultivation was started from the beginning, and five grape varieties , Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc, and Gamay, are planted in an area of ​​3.1ha .

The long-awaited first release of 2019 was unveiled in Japan last year and thankfully attracted a lot of attention.

This time it will be released in 2020 , which is the second vintage for LFS .

First of all, it is worth mentioning the climate conditions.

Even if you think in a span of 5 years, there will not be as cool a year as 20 years after 2021 , and it may be a vintage with special meaning over the next 5 years or more.

“Because 2020 was a cool year, the bunches of grapes were small, and in terms of production volume, it was small. , the expectations are only increasing.