Sicilia Kerasos Nero d'Avora 2021 Valdibella


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Italy Sicily

Grape variety: Nero d'Avola

Located at 0m above sea level, it is a white field rich in limestone. Fields with higher elevations and thicker clay layers on the topsoil. A blend of grapes from two distinct vineyards to balance acidity and fruit. Kerasus is Greek and means cherry. Well-ripened red fruit flavor and crisp acidity.

Valdivella was originally founded in 1990 by a company called Thomas & Giessen, which was launched with the idea of ​​"involving local producers and following all stages from cultivation to bottling while respecting the terroir". It was one of the cooperatives established in various places. Valdivella was making Mounir, but the scale gradually grew, leaving Thomas & Giessen and managing sales themselves. Currently, it is run by multiple farmers who share the same idea. is the motto of management. Their website contains not only pages about bio-cultivation and brewing, but also a page with the word “ethics”, which is a tribute to the movement against the existence of the Mafia called Addio Pizzo, which spread in Sicily in 2004. Consent is expressed.

It has a dark color and dark aromas of dark cherries, spices and tar, giving it a vivid varietal character. The fruit is lively and charming, the tannins are soft, the acidity is fresh, and it is drinkable. Wine that lives with food.