Palmè Bianco 2019 Trinchero


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VdT - Palmè Bianco 2019 Trinchero

Grape variety: Chardonnay

"Palme Chardonnay" is a rare white grape made by Trincero, made by fermenting and fermenting Chardonnay. The color is rich, but the taste is soft and delicate. It is a wine that makes cooking more enjoyable, full of umami. A Trinkero gem of a white wine that fuses depth and finesse at a high level.

<From the material of the importer>
Located in the Asti district, Ariano Terme, the Trincello family began grape and wine production in 1925. The earliest in the province to register for self-bottling by grape growers (1952).Barbera From this land, which is one of the best production areas for Dusty, they produce wine that adheres to tradition. Wine made from grapes from vines under 15 years old is sold in barrels instead of bottling in-house. One of their signature wines, Vigna del Noche, is made from grapes from the vineyard of the same name, with Barbera vines over 70 years old, planted in 1929. Rigorous yields from older vines. A limited, long maceration period, no temperature control, and aging in large Slovenian oak barrels for more than two years.By doing this, the wine can withstand aging for more than 20 years. To have a body.